Physical Address:

Capitol Hill, Saipan, MP 96950

Contact Numbers:

Office of the Secretary | Administrative Services | Statistical Unit

Bldg No. 1356
Tel. No. (670) 664-3196
Fax No. (670) 664-3197

Administrative Hearing Office

Bldg No. 1357
Tel No. (670) 664-3195

Division of Enforcement and Compliance

Bldg No. 1355
Tel No. (670) 322-4365, 323-9938, 323-9940

Division of Employment Services

Bldg No. 1334
Tel No. (670) 664-3190, 322-0996

Workforce Investment Agency

Bldg No. 1353, Mednilla Avenue
Tel. No.  (670) 664-1708, 664-1704, 664-1705, 664-1758, 664-1758
Fax No. (670) 664-1710

OSHA - CNMI Consultation Program.

Bldg No. 1338
Tel No. (670) 664-3156, 664-3157

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